Buried lines are uncovered by hand digging, which is slow and costly. Plus, hand digging greatly increases the danger of causing damage to underground utilities. Hydro excavating is a non-destructive type of excavation (exposing underground utilities to daylight). With our hydro-vac trucks, Special T Cleaning eliminates the need for hand digging by exposing buried utilities safely and in a fraction of the time. This reduces costs and causes less damage to the surrounding area and infrastructure.



Getting repairs on your sewer lines may seem like a daunting task. Nobody wants to turn their yard into a construction site or ruin their landscaping

Water & Sewer

Line Repair

Sewer line issues are commonly caused by settling/shifting ground and tree roots which infiltrate your pipes and cause blockages/backups that disrupt your life.


With hydro excavating, pressurized water is used to break up soil which is then vacuumed and stored in in the vacuum truck. This process allows us to access your utilities safely for repairs, without causing excessive damage to the surrounding landscape or infrastructure, eliminating all health and safety concerns while digging.

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